MiniThon’s “Pie-A-Teacher” Fundraiser Promo Video

Matthew Trezza


Ten teachers are eligible to be pied at the Pep Rally for MiniThon (Photo by Matthew Trezza)

Matthew Trezza, Editor-In-Chief

MiniThon’s “Pie-A-Teacher” fundraiser will take place from February 6 to February 10. There will be buckets with each of the featured teacher’s name on it.

You can donate $1 to have your name entered in the raffle to pie that teacher!

The pie-ing will take place Friday, February 10 during our Pep Rally!

Here is a list of the teachers pied:

Mr. Hakim

Ms. Nicholson

Mr. Perry

Ms. Loughman

Mr. Lanfrank

Ms. Krock

Mr. Frounfelker

Ms. West

Mr. Youngken

Ms. Krause


This video was created by senior Matthew Trezza