Musicians in the pit orchestra prepare for a performance “As Old As Time”


Ethan Custard

The pit settles in for a fun dress rehearsal in preparation for the show.

Ethan Custard, Staff Writer

The buzzing chatter slows to silence as the lights dim. From under the stage music blares loudly for all to hear, welcoming everyone to the performance of a lifetime. The curtains draw open as the audience is drawn into “A Tale As Old As Time.” 

Stroudsburg High School’s Musical, Beauty and the Beast, is right around the corner. All of the music departments come together to produce a musical for everyone in the Poconos.

A musical is made up of many moving parts like the gears inside of Cogsworth. From the cast to the costumes; the set designs to the stage crew;  lights, sounds, and music; each gear is needed in order for the others to spin successfully. 

Though all gears are important, one is hidden just out of view of the action, the Pit orchestra. The Pit performs unseen from under the stage, yet they make their presence known with the whimsical music that they produce. 

Composed of both string and band instruments, the Pit plays harmoniously, supporting the actors in the numerous songs they sing.

“The Pit is extremely important to the musical. They are the inspiration, the feeling, and the movement that captivates the audience,” says Ms. Billye Kubiak, who has been a part of the show for 32 years.

The Musical Pit is conducted by Mr. Skip Cassady, who returns to the stand for his eleventh year. 

Every year, I have loved seeing our students strive to create something that is memorable for themselves as well as our community

— Mr. Cassady

The pit rehearses every Wednesday in preparation for the show. The endurance and musical talent required of the musicians is nothing short of impressive.

“The music is a challenge, so, when it all comes together in the end, it feels great to perform,” says Elif Zeytinoglu, 10, who has just joined Pit this year. “I am learning a lot more things about not just music, but about musicals themselves, and how music and acting can combine in amazing ways.”

The musicians involved love to get to be a part of the show, and it is one of the highlights of their year. 

“Nothing can compare to playing in a musical. A normal orchestra concert pales in comparison to the shared excitement everyone has as we get to perform for the filled auditorium,” says Isaiah Louis-Jacques, 11.

Stroudsburg High is proud to say it is the only school in our area that has a live pit orchestra in its musical production.

“We really are spoiled in Stroudsburg. Many other schools and theaters don’t have live music and it is a shame,” says Ms. Kubiak. “Music is music, but nothing beats the real deal!”

Be sure to come down and watch the magnificent performance of Stroudsburg High School’s: Beauty and the Beast

Performances are April 14th, 15th, and 16th.

Tickets are $8 for Students, $10 dollars for Senior Citizens, and $12 dollars for Adults. Seats are selling out fast, so buy yours today!