Never Certain Future

Never Certain Future

Zyaire Coles, Staff Writer

According to Verywellmind. com,34% of Americans are worried about the future, while 47% feel hope about the future. An hour from now is uncertain. The future is full of surprises & mystery. You may never know what will occur, who you will meet, or how you will react. Everything is a blur as of right now.

The future is inevitable. You may plan your whole life out starting today. Tomorrow comes and your first plan is already a bust. Your second plan was successful but was it up to your standards? You can plan and plan but the outcome is ultimately not always up to us.

Some of our school lives may be almost over, nowhere near being over, or ultimately to an end. The amount of schooling you do can even be a future decision that you may or may not plan for but minds change. Plans change. Dream careers change. Some people are more fickle than others.

“My fear of the future mostly comes from being able to live out my dreams or wishes before I die,” said SHS Senior, Ariana Woodley.

The most common fear among teens usually has to do with college. Whether it is deciding to go; where to go to; meeting the requirements; or figuring out what to do when you get there, the entire process is daunting.

Even the idea of being on your own can be a stressful topic for teens. How will bills get paid? How will I pay for my next meal? Where should I look for a job? These are all very common questions asked with no certain answers. The concerns and doubts pile up with few upcoming answers. 

Being “wrong” is the biggest fear of all, most heavily weighing on anyone’s mind. Choosing the “wrong” career or getting involved with the “wrong” people. Second chances can be given. Careers come and go but the point is to try until you find the “right” one.

In the immortal words of the Poet Dylan Thomas, “Do not go gentle into that good night.” We are the generation that survived a global pandemic. We are fearless and uncompromising. To those who fear the future, I wish to say, “bring it on”.

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