Stroudsburg students find ways to cope with the common cold


Sydney Jones, Staff Writer

Being sick can be difficult. The stuffiness, chills and sore throat of a cold; the fever aches and pains of a virus; nothing is fun about being sick.

But some people have found ways to cope. Ai??

“I cope with Netflix,” sophomore Gabriella Smith says. “Iai??i??m sick for weeks. Iai??i??m very damaged. My immune system doesnai??i??t function well.” Which for Smith, like many of us, leads to binge-watching Netflix and eating.

“Iai??i??m sick a lot, I usually stay home for a couple of days,” Sophomore Sara Posten says.

However, keeping up on work becomes challenging when youai??i??re sick. Students have to make sure they donai??i??t fall behind.

“I hate being sick and having to miss school and make up the work I missed,” says sophomore Serena Shuler. “My parents donai??i??t really help out anymore, but theyai??i??ll pick up my school work,” says sophomore Noelle Perez. The days of mom blowing noses and bringing hot soup seem to be over.

Others donai??i??t let the piles of work affect them; out of sight, out of mind.Ai??”When Iai??i??m sick, I can stay home, be alone, and eat whatever I want and not worry about anything,” says sophomore Alexas Cabral.

Coping with being sick is different for everyone. Ai??When it comes to strange remedies, Sara Posten is willing to try anything to get better.

“That Vicks stuff is magical when you have a cold,” Posten claims. This and other crazy remedies found online may actually help. “On WikiHow, it says to put it [vicks] on your feet, and then put socks on if you have a chest cold.”