Feeding the Sasquatch is ill-advised; be wary as you hike through the woods!
Feeding the Sasquatch is ill-advised; be wary as you hike through the woods!
Ethan Custard

Exploring the legend of Bigfoot

Bigfoot is a staple in the minds of aspiring conspiracists everywhere. Bigfoot, also commonly named “Sasquatch”, has had its existence questioned for a long time.

In the 1800’s North American settlers reported evidence such as footprints and some encounters with a tall, bipedal, hairy animal. 

However, the legend goes deeper as the name “Sasquatch” was coined by the Salish people, an Indigenous tribe from North America who are some of the first to have reported sights of this legendary figure.

The tale of Bigfoot has spawned numerous media outlets from books, to podcasts, to television shows. Bigfoot is one of the most famous things to exist that seems to never actually have existed.

Shows like Finding Bigfoot  have taken it upon themselves to search for Bigfoot. Yet they have found nothing but disappointment after 12 seasons, spanning 2011-2023, they are still on the hunt. Despite the evidence they have found and the high-tech equipment they have utilized, Bigfoot always seems to slip their grasp. 

So why has this hunt for Bigfoot continued? Why are so many fascinated with this fanciful beast? Why do so many believe he is real despite the evidence on the contrary? 

“In the ’70s, Bigfoot, Lochness Monster, and aliens were hot topics everyone believed. I remember there was this very shaky footage of this ape-like creature. Without the internet to prove it wrong, people took the video at face value and believed it immediately,” said Mr. Kurt Pfeiffer.

From a young age, a belief in Bigfoot was solidified possibly leading to why so many still believe. 

“A lot of people probably had some weird creepy experience in the woods, or thought they heard Bigfoot knocking on a tree. Because of that moment in time, they decided to believe from then on,” said Mr. David Hakim. 

Our minds are very powerful. Humans are surprisingly capable of making themselves believe what they want to believe. Sometimes people don’t want to admit they are wrong.

I mean come on some people still believe in Santa because when they were six they swore they heard hooves on their roof,”

— Mr. David Hakim

Like Santa, many have profited and franchised off of the Bigfoot craze. 

There are also hiking trails in Washington advertised as to give tourists a chance to see this hairy biped. These institutions thrive off the legend of Bigfoot, and so they may push the idea that it exists to keep people coming. 

“Washington is Bigfoot city. There are several Bigfoot tour stops throughout the state,” said Mr. James Bruski.

Ultimately, the idea of a tall, bipedal animal with a hair-covered body may not be that far-fetched. A condition known as hypertrichosis may present a possible solution. Hypertrichosis causes an abnormal amount of hair growth in humans. 

In the early centuries, people were ostracized for being different. Possibly being shunned from their home and chased out of town, cruel rumors may have spread. These rumors could have transformed into the folklore that brought Bigfoot to life.

Truly is Bigfoot that much of a stretch as compared to those of ghosts or aliens? There are plenty of stories of unexplained phenomena in this world that comparatively are much stranger. 

“I have seen unexplained things in the sky. I was in my hot tub one night stargazing. I saw a light come over, stop, and take off suddenly as if it had a turbo engine,” said Pfeiffer. “Even though I am a biology teacher and can say here are cells and this is how life started, I can’t say with certainty there is not some other realm where our energy goes. Call it a soul, call it whatever you like. I have seen enough where I can’t deny there could be something.” 

Whether you believe in Bigfoot or aliens or not, those who do tend to have their reasons that are not entirely invalid. 

“At the end of the day, hunting for Bigfoot and believing in a life more mystical than reality can be fun!” said Pfeiffer.

So why not go out there today? What’s the harm in having a little fun even if you don’t discover anything revolutionary? Take a hike through the woods, stargaze at night, or go ghost hunting. Explore for yourself if these legends are true.

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