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March Madness Basketball Tournament; see class president, Eric Card.
3x3 Basketball Tournament
March 6, 2024

March Madness 3 x 3 basketball tournament on March 15, starting at 4pm.  Contact your class president, Eric Card, or class officers for more...

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Stroudsburg High Schools promotional Flyer for the King of Hearts dance.
SENIORS! Prepare for King of Hearts and senior superlative voting
Madelyn Konklin, Editor-In-Chief • January 26, 2024

As the King of Heart's Dance draws near, take a look at the senior superlative and prepare to vote for your KOH nominees on Monday during homeroom! The...

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If you need tutoring, please join the Google Classroom so we can match you up with someone to help you. (Logo credit: NHS)
NHS Peer Tutoring
Luka Konklin, Editor-In-Chief • November 20, 2023

If you need tutoring, please join the Google Classroom so we can match you up with someone to help you. Please fill out the Google Form on Google...

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Hannah Helm, far right, second row, celebrates senior night with her teammates.  Photo courtesy of Stroudsburg High School Softball Facebook page.
Softball rounds out the season on a winning streak
Jaden Harper, Staff Writer • May 31, 2024

On Monday, May 6, Stroudsburg Softball won their ninth straight game as they defeated Pocono Mountain West, 17-0. It tallied as their 15th victory of the season and another...

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Stroudsburg celebrating during game against East Stroudsburg South
Baseball prepares for District 11 6A playoffs
Jaden Harper, Staff Writer • May 21, 2024

On Wednesday, May 8, Stroudsburg Baseball clinched a playoff berth in their 9-2 victory over Pocono Mountain West. It marked the team's 6th consecutive victory after beginning...

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Girls Varsity Basketball, 2023
How does an athlete balance academic demands with sports?
Morgan Tucker, Staff Writer • May 9, 2024

Ella Henritzy, 12, has been a standout athlete this year. Henritzy turned heads on the basketball court as a power forward. Now, she is stacking points for track and field...

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Teacher Feature on Ms. Hahn

Sydney Curry
Photo of Stroudsburg Teacher Mrs. Hahn with her family smiling.

At which school in the district do you teach?


What subject(s) do you teach?

Reading, writing, math, science, and social studies

What grade(s) do you teach?

Third grade

How long have you been teaching at SASD?

19 years

What is your favorite part about teaching? 

I thrive on those lightbulb moments. When it all comes together for a student, and he or she says, “ Oh, now I get it!” Yup, those are the moments when I say to myself, “This is why you’re still a teacher!”

If you could teach another subject what would it be and why?

Chemistry. It was my favorite subject in high school. I enjoyed mixing different elements together. (Safely, of course.)

If you had gone into another profession, what would it be and why?

Most people would say I would be a librarian because I love books, but really I’d probably be a dermatologist. I’m kind of obsessed with Dr. Pimple Popper. I like guessing what the different cases might be. Is it a pilar cyst or a lipoma? It’s also a career path that helps people and I do like to help others. Had I been younger when her show first appeared, I’d be working alongside Dr. Sandra Lee in California.

What is one piece of advice you would share with your students?

To not underestimate the power of yet. For example: I haven’t learned it yet. It doesn’t work yet. I’m not good at this yet. It’s more powerful than don’t give up.

If you could have one superpower what would it be and why?

I’d like to be able to teleport. I have no patience for driving long distances or really any distance for that matter. I could probably travel to a lot more places with the power of teleportation. Paris for a fresh croissant during my planning period? Don’t mind if I do. 

How and when did you know teaching was what you wanted to do?

When I was in high school, my father sat me down and asked me what I wanted to study in college. I really didn’t have much of a clue what I wanted to become. I remember saying that I enjoyed working with kids. He suggested going to East Stroudsburg University to become a teacher. I agreed and off I went.

What is a joke you always keep in your pocket?

How do you make a tissue dance? You put a little boogie in it.

What will your life look like after you retire?

I’ll have my own bookstore. Hahn’s Books or something to that effect. They’ll be jazz music, coffee/tea, baked goods, a few dogs, and tons of great books organized beautifully. I’ve seen some bookshops that given me major anxiety by how willy- nilly they arrange their books. That will definitely not be the case at Hahn’s Books. Adults and kids can come and enjoy good literature and fellowship.

What is your favorite memory of teaching?

There are many of course, but one of the most recent happened around Thanksgiving this year. My class was performing various reader’s theater scripts. When we finished several students wanted extra copies to take home and perform with their siblings/cousins for their families. Anytime students want to extend learning beyond the classroom is a joyous and memorable occasion.

What is something that most people may not know about you?

I was a champion swimmer when I was a third grader.

What is a hidden talent of yours?

If napping was an olympic sport, I’d be a gold medalist.
What is one thing you wish people knew about teaching/teachers in general?

I wish people understood that teaching is a partnership. It takes the active involvement of students, teachers, parents, grandparents, and coaches to make learning truly happen. 

What makes you smile?

My students and their silly sayings. I often feel like I am hosting the old t.v. show, Kids say the Darnest Things.

When you retire one day, what will you miss most about teaching?

I’ll miss being a teacher. It’s funny because I’ll be out shopping, at church, or at a resturant and someone will usually ask me if I’m a teacher. I smile and say proudly that I am. When I retire, my response will be that I was. 

What is something your students have taught you?

My students have taught me not to take myself too seriously. They encourage me to smile, laugh, and enjoy the moment.

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