School board debates teacher cuts, raised taxes


Lauren Perez, Staff Writer

The school board has decided to demote 21 teachers to part-time positions. The decision was carried by a 6-2 vote. One voting memberAi??was not in attendance.Ai??

Teachers that receive demotions will be asked to serve for 1/3 their previous schedule, receive no medical benefits, and will be consideredAi??part-time workers. With one English, two social studies, two math, two science, three reading, one world language, one health/physical education, four special education, one psychologist, one elementary, one art, one instructional assistant and two permanent substitutes demoted from full time positions, the school board believes that they will be saving up to $2.5 million.

In order to increase the savings further, they not only plan on demoting the teachers, but also raising taxes. Not only will the teachers be affected, but the taxpayers will be, too.Ai??The school has money saved in case something bad were to happen to one of the schools; say, if there was a broken boiler system or a collapsed roof. This money will most likely be pulled from if they decide to not increase taxes.

Dr. Curry has suggested four scenarios, all of which include teacher demotions, some with higher taxes and some without. Mr. Michael Mignosi, a voting member of the board, tried to ask the superintendent what would happen if we were able to keep the teachers and only increase taxes; hisAi??only response was that he didn’t believe that it was possible.

Whether or not your teachers getAi??demoted or your parents’ taxes get raised is completely up to the board. Yet, as an individual, you can make your voice heard; board meetings are held every first and third Wednesday of each month.