Main Street bustles as businesses close during a week day
Main Street bustles as businesses close during a week day
Delaney Burke

Small businesses bring something special to Stroudsburg

Stroudsburg’s Main Street during the 5 pm rush hour, traffic (Delaney Burke)

Main Street Stroudsburg has been busy since the 1730s. While these businesses have changed from lumber and textile mills to coffee shops and art galleries, the town remains a place full of exciting, new places to check out.  Because of these mom-and-pop shops, Stroudsburg can run off of tourism every season.

Although people flock to this mountain town for its businesses, some locals don’t even know what’s in their backyard. New shops have taken over Stroudsburg’s main roads and are changing the town for the better.

Pocono Soap
Pocono Soap’s exterior, located on Main Street, looking cute and festive. (Delaney Burke)

Pocono Soap was first opened 10 years ago, on August 14, 2014. Run by Amanda Beam, general manager, the gift shop provides a place for locals and tourists to buy a specialized gift for an inexpensive price.

The shop is located on Main Street and gives the town something it lacked before.

We don’t have many gift shops, I think we offer an affordable place for people to buy locally made products in person,” says Beam.

Pocono Soap sells a wide range of products, including lip balms, bath bombs, and room sprays. Beam said that the best-sellers were soy candles, body butter, and soap – obviously. 

The unique thing about this shop is the vast amount of homemade products, created in-shop, and other items are brought into Pocono Soap from special vendors. 

Pocono Soap is a progressive business, heavily promoting its social media and online website, Because the shop is supported through both tourism and local foot traffic, this site is an easy way for people all over the state to shop at the gift shop.

To keep up with the new trends, products, and scents at Pocono Soap, follow their Instagram at @poconosoap, visit the store in person, or check out their website to find a special gift for your loved ones!

Free Flow Acupuncture
Free Flow Acupuncture’s comforting lobby overlooking lower Main Street in Stroudsburg (Delaney Burke)

Free Flow Acupuncture is a clinic focusing on healing Stroudsburg’s citizens through traditional Chinese medicine.

Owner and acupuncturist, Jessica DePete, started her business in 2012 and has continued to work in downtown Stroudsburg ever since.

She believes that natural healing is the key to discovering overall well-being. Free Flow Acupuncture utilizes a multitude of classical techniques, such as acupuncture, nutritional supplements, gua sha, and fire cupping.  

“Many people want to regain and maintain their health without medication or surgery, and acupuncture is such a wonderful way to do that. One of my favorite things about being an acupuncturist in Stroudsburg is that I get to work with members of my own community and multiple generations of families in the way that small-town doctors used to be able to,” says DePete.

Acupuncture can increase blood flow, relax muscles, and reduce inflammation – not to mention its mental health benefits. Free Flow Acupuncture is built on the theory of Chinese medicine, a complex system of logical and predictable functions that has been tested and proven over thousands of years.

DePete believes Free Flow Acupuncture is a place to give people very personal attention when they are managing injuries or illness or just trying to stay healthy.

Not only does this practice provide physical care, but DePete also works as a counselor for her clients, recommending self-care, lifestyle advice, and fitness tips for their maladies.

More information about Free Flow Acupuncture can be found at and clients can be added to a newsletter that will inform them of new information or availability changes!

Nature’s Technology
Nature’s Technology wall featuring fragrance oils, body butter, and black soap. (Delaney Burke)

Located in downtown Stroudsburg, Nature’s Technology is the place for both locals and visitors alike to enjoy the variety of products the store offers, including body products, medicinal herbs, and healing drinks.

Nature’s Technology gives customers a unique shopping experience by providing customizable fragrance oils and made-to-order body sprays that come from an array of natural ingredients, good for the skin and body. The store also offers different soaps, shea butter products, and wild sage. 

The small business provides a place to purchase hard-to-find herbs that are beneficial to a healthy diet. Customers can buy from a diverse group of materials, such as dandelion root, hawthorn berries, and wild cherry bark.

People can also attend one-on-one consultations to develop healthy habits and start a natural supplement routine to cleanse the body. Nature’s Technology offers a conference with a lifestyle coach to develop sustainable habits, manage stress, and increase energy levels. They also provide an hour-long program to discuss wellness goals, creating a detailed plan for hydration, food, herbs, and exercise.

When speaking on the importance of healthy herbs in a diet, Nature’s Technology’s website states that “we cannot overlook the incredible power of herbs in promoting health and well-being. Herbs possess unique therapeutic qualities that can support various aspects of your health journey.”

For customers looking for a cafe or bar experience, Nature’s Technology offers a menu of unique mocktails, teas, kava bowls, and ginger shots. Advertising their beverages’ “natural buzz”, the store prioritizes the use of plant alternatives, versus the usual chemicals in these types of drinks.

All drinks are made from fresh fruit juice, tea bases, anthropogenic herbs, and natural sweeteners, like agave and honey.  

Owner, Dylan Lovelace, considers Nature’s Technology a necessity because “we’re trying to bring more culture to the community, a little bit of hip hop, neo-soul, reggae, because we do have a diversified area now so we feel it’s a great benefit to the community.“

He also commented on the importance of creating a diverse community and a common space where people of all ages can improve their quality of life.

To keep up with new sales and products, follow @naturestechnology1 on Instagram and keep up to date with their website!

Main Street Jukebox
Examples of records available for purchase at Main Street Jukebox. (Delaney Burke)

Since 1994, Main Street Jukebox has been providing downtown Stroudsburg a place to travel back in time to the era of turntables and CD players. Managed and owned by Tom LeFevre, the store specializes in new and used Vinyl & CDs. 

The jukebox carries a diverse collection of items, such as DVDs, VHS, cassettes, books, and turntables. The owners also sell hard-to-find items like original art, toys, and unique collectibles. 

Main Street Jukebox also buys special items from customers, especially music and book collections, that can be sold in the store.

While some may doubt if records are still trending, LeFevre thinks otherwise.

“I believe that records are so popular these days because younger generations never had the opportunity to buy them before. What’s old is now new. Vinyl will always sound better than digital files and records are fun to collect as well,” says LeFevre. 

Supported by Stroudsburg locals and tourists alike, Main Street Jukebox is a place where both the young and old come together to celebrate music from all decades and genres. In over the 30 years, the store has been in business, the Jukebox has become a hub for all things music in the community.

To keep up with new information or products, follow the jukebox’s social media accounts at Main Street Jukebox on Facebook or @mainstjukebox on Instagram. All paraphernalia and equipment can also be found at!

If you’re interested in looking at some of Stroudsburg’s other small businesses, check out for more information and news updates!

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