2016 Election Results

Find out the results of the recent Student Government and Class Officer Elections


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Here are the students that will serve in leadership positions next year.

Student Representative to the School Board:

Lucas Wesselius

President, Class of 2017:

Taylor Flanagan

Vice President, Class of 2017:

Sydney Fritz

Secretary, Class of 2017:

Lena Morella

Treasurer, Class of 2017:

Brett Yarnall


Student Government Representatives, Class of 2017:

Nadia Ahmed

Brycen Butz

Ariella Engle

Megan Eppley

Jaida Fenn

Chris Ingenito

Michelle Joyce

Paige Maletz

Becca Meisse

Gabby Mohring

Amanda Morales

Teddy Mostellar

Zoe Petrides

Allana Powlette

Amber Quinn

Shianne Shelton

Chris Vo

Caroline Volpe

Katie Volpe

Amanda Whitewood

Anthony Wong

Kristen Burns

Alyssa Chambers


Alternates (non voting members, should attend all meetings):

Naveen Mansi

Rabeeai??i??a Mansi

Daniel Varghese

Emily Grunauer

Meredith Constable


President, Class of 2018:

Walter Price

Vice President, Class of 2018:

Leiyla Oai??i??Dowd

Secretary, Class of 2018:

Brooke Givens

Treasurer, Class of 2018:

Hannah Tepper


Student Government Representatives, Class of 2018:

Charlie Cohen-Goehl

Rachel Bucci

Grace Butz

Matt Bodon

Angie Byra

Nicoletta Capasso

Lina Chung

Kelsey DeSchriver

Tony Flores

Coleen Hughes

Danielle Iorio

Samantha Iorio

Marrissa Izykowicz

Ahmed Jabri

Sydney Jones

Christie Lee

Mariah Lopez

Carol Melo

Audrey Razak

Gabby Smith

Abby Thornton

Jorge Turcios

Brendan Zambrano