Moving Up Day, 1932: Read the original article from the first celebration in SHS’s history!

Moving Up Day, 1932:  Read the original article from the first celebration in SHSs history!

Olivia Beebe

Moving Up Day occurred on Tuesday, May 31. The occasion was one that shall be long remembered by all who witnessed it.

The Juniors marched into the auditorium, single file, to the steady beat of the March of the War Priests, played by the orchestra under the direction of Mr. Grant Bartholomew. They occupied their regular places in the assembly, the seats bearing the Junior class colors, blue and gold.

The Seniors were next to enter the assembly, saddened by the realization that this would be the last time that they, the class of 32, would occupy these seats of honor.

The assembly sang Onward Christian Soldiers, led by Mr. All. The reading of the Scriptures and the Flag Salute were led by Betty Shiffer, a Sophomore, member of the Student Council.

Robert Baker then introduced the speaker, Dr. Johnson, of Philadelphia, member of the Lyceum group, who made a splendid address.

During his address Dr. Johnson stated that moving up day merely meant going one step further in life, and compared this impressive occasion with the work the Seniors would do in the future.

He emphasized the fact that the little things in life are, after all, the things that count, and that Seniors should be more concerned about quality rather than quantity.

Dr. Johnson then addressed the Juniors, telling them that they must be better Seniors than the present Senior class or they would not move up.

Parke Kunkle, president of the Senior Class, gave a short presentation speech based upon the Alma Mater which brought tears to the eyes of many of the Seniors. He then presented the senior mantle to Earl Zettlemoyer, the president of the Junior Class, who received it and gave a brief response.

After the mantle oration the Seniors sang their class song, bidding the High School adieu and wishing success to the Juniors who will take their places.

They then left the auditorium and the Juniors Moved Up to the covered seats vacated by the departing Seniors.

After the Juniors sang their class song, bidding the Seniors farewell, they gave a yell for the class of 32. The Senior Class, assembled in the hall outside the auditorium, answered with a yell for 33.

The program ended with the High School singing the Alma Mater.


Senior song

(Tune: Auld Lang Syne)

To you the class of thirty-three

We now must say good-bye.

We will hold dear each memory

Thoai??i?? parting time is nigh.

We’ll not forget the friends we knew

In all our high school days.

And now we say farewell to you

With words of love and praise

  • Madalyn Hanna


Junior class song

A Farewell to the Class of 1932

(Tune: In the Long, Long, Long Ago)

I’ve wandered around, but I’ve never found

A class like the class of thirty-three

True pals every day, in work or in play,

They’re the greatest gang in history.

But sadness oer shadows us today,

For our loyal friends we must go away.

So we say adieu, class of thirty-two;

May no friction our friendship sever,

The scenes that we love, the sunshine above,

Will unite us in dreams forever.

For we’ll dream of you when lights are low,

And memairy pictures the long ago.


It’s a long, long time we’ve been here gang;

It’s the end for thirty-two.

So we bid you farewell, though we never can tell

Half the things we wish for you.

Just a year is left for thirty-three

With the pals we’ve proved are true,

But we shall do our best, as we strive with the rest,

For old S.H.S and you.

  • Bernard Whitman