Stroudsburg Mini-THON raises over $80,000

We are proud to announce that this year, Stroudsburg Mini-THON has raised $80,350.17, surpassing our goal of $60,000.


This was only possible because of the generosity that came from across our district. New people from every building found ways to contribute in meaningful ways. It is our hope that each year we grow to include even more of our Stroudsburg school community.


The 2016 Mini-THON team would like to extend the sincerest thanks to you for your help. An event like this could not have happened without people providing moral support, food and beverage donations, chaperoning time, energy, and monetary donations.


We have had the privilege of working closely with some of Stroudsburgai??i??s finest students. While we believe that they themselves and their families are primarily responsible for their behavior and character, I would also maintain that each educator in our District has shaped them directly and indirectly as they have come through our schools. Make no mistake, whether you were directly involved or not, you did make this happen. The young men and women who orchestrated, fundraised, and developed this yearai??i??s Mini-THON are a product, partially, of your career-long efforts.


A great number of you have directly helped this year. For that we are deeply grateful.


Ilene Austin, George Hendry, and the Nourishment Committee, chaired this year by Brycen Butz and Maddy Oai??i??Dowd, organized and coordinated the enormous task of making sure that the students were fed throughout the night. For almost no cost, she and her team fed nearly 600 dancers two separate times, and provided unlimited snacks throughout the night. Without their leadership, there is simply no way we could have done things the way we did.


Together, we would like you to know that it was primarily the efforts of the following students that made this event happen. We are proud that they were the core organizing force behind this event. While it is a district-wide event, it is entirely student-run. These students made nearly every decision, created every policy, and executed every action that led to the success of this yearai??i??s event. It has been a remarkable and truly inspiring process.


These students have demonstrated the highest character, initiative, ingenuity, and diligence. Below are the chairpersons who make up the Executive Council. The group is comprised of seniors, juniors, and sophomores. Though they are listed in order of seniority, each chairperson holds equal authority and voting power.


Executive Council

Overall Chairs

Adam DeSchriver

Michelle Joyce

Kelsey DeSchriver



McKenna Cassady



Maci Kendrick

Lexi Meisse

Jake Angradi

Waleed Elsakka

Amber Quinn


Event Coordination

Stefi Luna

Julian Brown

Chris Vo



Kevin Hughes

Evalena Labayen

Charlie Cimino

Zoe Petrides



Maddy Oai??i??Dowd

Brycen Butz


Public Relations

Josefine Cardoni

Jake Artzt



Jasmine Dey

Mardan Daurilas



Kevin Hughes

Charlie Cimino



Josephine Cardoni



Julian Brown

McKenna Cassady



The participants did the majority of the fundraising by asking relatives and friends to sponsor them to dance. Lasha Basadzishvili, Alivia Lodi, Jessica Jones, Kyra Scerbo, and John Burns collectively raised over $9000.


Most importantly, all of our participants embodied this characteristic: Sacrifice.


The Four Diamonds represent Honesty, Courage, Strength and Wisdom. We believe that it takes each of these virtues to make a true sacrifice. Our students have demonstrated this.


Standing for 12 straight hours, even with fun distractions, tests a person in powerful and unexpected ways. The event is designed to be entertaining and fun and there are games, dancing, and distractions, but the process is grueling nonetheless, and incredibly taxing on your body, mind, and spirit. Facing down difficulties and overcoming obstacles is part of life, but to choose to do something like this is courageous and selfless. These student participants chose to place another personai??i??s well-being above their own physical and emotional comfort. It is in this choice that we find wisdom and are inspired to be better people in our daily lives.


Stroudsburg, thank you. Educators, families, and students all, congratulations on another excellent event. We are all looking forward to Mini-THON 2017!


For the Kids!


Mr. Kurnas and Mrs. Austin