SHS students: Free canoeing and more offered by county organization


Lauren Perez, Writer

What would be better than hanging out with your best friend and floating down the Delaware River in a canoe? How about doing it for free? Yes, for free.

On September 24, 2016, anybody from ages 14 -21, including SASD students, will have this opportunity.

The Monroe County Youth Employment (YES) is holding their first Project Success team- building exercise. Students can simply go to their website ( to sign up for this unique, adventurous offer.

ai???We make sure everyone has a chance to succeed,ai??? said Ms. Barbara Scanlan, Program Coordinator of Youth Employment Services. Project Success is one of the programs YES oversees that helps students in Monroe County discover what the career they might want to pursue after high school.

During the seminars, which are held every other Saturday, students will learn about leadership skills, team building, job readiness, resume writing, and conduct mock interviews.

The program starts in September and ends in May, with bi-weekly seminars, field trips, and job shadowing throughout the year. At the end of the program, if students meet all of the requirements, they will receive a certificate of completion.

Earning a certificate of completion from this program will not only benefits students personally, but it is a fabulous experience to include on applications and resumes.

During this program, student will be provided many volunteer opportunities that may lead to college scholarships. They will also have the opportunity to explore a variety of careers as diverse as a video game designer,a farmer, a doctor, a salesperson, a forest ranger, or even a NASCAR racer, the career Ai??can get some experience from this special program.

YES is a fun and informational program that provides students with Ai??a jumpstart on what they want to do when they are out of high school.

For more information about Youth Employment Services go to their website at