New Club: Fusfoo, a digital network, open to all interested students

New Club: Fusfoo, a digital network, open to all interested students

Jonathan Valderrama, Staff Writer

“It’s truly an amazing way for students from all across the nation to connect” said adviser Ms Leah McKain.

Stroudsburg High School has unlatched a new club called Fusfoo. Fusfoo is the very first high school digital network in which students from all over the nation can create, edit, and share their videos, articles and much more for other students to perceive.

Fusfoo provides students with the ability to mange their school’s own content in a bully-free environment.Ai??Students who enjoy taking photography, are interested in journalism, or just want to learn something new are encouraged to join.

“It sounded interesting and was something new for me to try out” said senior Saheim Clervoix.

Students will be given a portfolio where they can publish their videos or articles, which they can include in their college applications and resumes, as well as for job interviews.Ai??Those who join will be the first in the nation to participate in this grand movement.

The Fusfoo website at the moment is still under development as a pilot program, and is expected to launch at the end of October.

Students are encouraged to sign up. Ai??For more information, they should see McKain’s in Room F-110.

“I look forward to learning and creating new things with Fusfoo,” said senior Sydney Long. ” It’s a good way for people to know more about our school.”