Zoe Petrides

Parents:Ai?? Father Theodore and Mrs. Cristen Petrides

Escorts:Ai?? Parents

Organization/Clubs/Sports:Ai?? Show Choir, Chorale, Band, Choir, SHS Musical, Holy Cross GreekAi??Dance Troupe, Youth Minister, Soccer Team, StudentAi??Government, Mini-THON, Volunteer in Mexico to build homesAi??for the homeless, Educational Travel and Cultural Experiences inAi??Greece and Jerusalem.

Future Plans: To attend a four-year college or university to study secondary education with aAi??goal of teaching in inner-city Philadelphia.

Acknowledgements:Ai?? Zoe would like to thank her family for their constant love and support andAi??her friends, especially Bubba, AJ, and Samad, for making her high schoolAi??experience so memorable.Ai?? She is extremely grateful for theAi??Stroudsburg Area School District for the education and opportunities itAi??provides.Ai?? Special thanks to all the teachers, especially Ms. Lee and Mr.Kurnas for supporting her so much and inspiring her.Ai?? They helped toAi??make every day a little bit easier.

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