Seniors take advantage of early release

Jacob Grieco, Staff Writer

Kevin Dailey is living the dream. He gets to leave school early every single day.

“Senior release is a great program for students to do something productive with their time out of school,” said seniorAi??Kevin Dailey.

The Early Release program at SHS has made it possible for over 50 seniors to exit the school near the end of the think because we have lowered the number of credits needed to graduate students are finishing their requirements earlier,ai??? said Mr. Burke, one of Stroudsburg High School’s assistant principals. ai???If they have finished their credits,why keep them here?ai???

In order to qualify for early release, students must have a ninth period study hall, maintain a C average in all classes,leave within the first 10 minutes of 9th period, can not have outstanding obligations, (such as detention) and provide their own means of transportation. Eligible students must reapply every semester.

“I leave school early every day and go to work. I think it’s great I get to leave early everyday; it allows me to save up money for college and other things,” said senior Demond ClarkThere are no requirements for what the student can do outside of school, but the high school administration holds the right to take away the privilege if they find the student doing anything harmful or inappropriate.

“I leave after 8th period instead of wasting time in 9th period study hall. When I leave, I go home and work on my family’s work truck to get it back on the road,” said Dailey

By cutting the need for social studies courses, along with other classes that were previously required to graduate, students are able to almost completely finish their high school credits in their junior year. This leaves them free for study halls.

The chances of a student getting a 9th period study hall are random; the guidance counselors have no control over who gets what.

ai???Schedules are based on the computer shuffling everything together, we don’t have the authority to change a class just for a study hall,ai??? said Mrs. Frable a school guidance counselor.

Many kids believe they can switch classes around in order to get a 9th period study hall. Unfortunately, the only person with the power to do so would be Mr. Sodl. Classes cannot be traded to other periods because there are limited spaces in each class so it wouldn’t work for everyone.

The students that are lucky enough to get a 9th period study hall say the best part is having more time after school for work and fun.

ai???When I got a 9th period study hall I figured why stay if there is nothing to do?ai??? said Dailey.

Others feel this way as well, thinking they should not have to stay in school if they could be out do something better with their time.

For the kids with jobs or any obligations that take place directly after school, it gives them time to prepare and get ready, and for the students with nothing to do, they can get a job.

Senior students know that the key to leaving school early, and therefore, freedom, is a 9th period study hall.