Board Games

Ryan Serbin

Board Games: they can either entertain during a fun night with friends and family, or they can cause the destruction of relationships. But new or old, all board games have something in common.

te Monopoly still reigns supreme.New games such as the incredibly rude and fun Cards Against Humanity and card games such as Magic: The Gathering have been expanding in popularity. And of course, the old favor

One of the newer board games is Cards Against Humanity. It is like Robot Chicken if it was a board game. On sale since 2011, Cards Against Humanity appeals to those who love shock humor, or to families looking to make family night more mature.

Cards Against Humanity can be best described as Apples to Apples for adults. Players begin the game with seven white cards containing inappropriate words and phrases. A black card, with another phrase, is drawn. Players then use the cards in their hand to fill in a blank in the phrase on the black card.

A little more complex, Magic: The Gathering is a board game simulation of an RPG, or Role

Playing Game. In Magic, friends play as wizards and compete to defeat monsters and other wizards . Throughout the journey, players must conjure up spells and powers with cards they have in their deck. While some arenai??i??t interested in this genre, there does happen to be an increase in the amount of people who play this game.

One of the newer players of Magic is Victoria Martine, who says that it is “A thrilling, fast paced card game that is both fun and exciting.”

Magic is inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, (which is also an extremely popular RPG simulation-esque game). Because of the popularity of the game, there is an organized tournament for the best Magic players in the country, and some of the competitors’ cards can be prized at almost $3000.

Finally, the mother of all board games: Monopoly, or in other words, the destroyer of friendships. Beware because it can bring fury and rage to those who play it, sometimes caused by a friend stealing the play money or flipping the table as soon as they fails to land on the $320 PA Avenue square.

“It [Monopoly] is a game in which by the end of the game, everyone wants to flip the board over,” said Mr. Andrew Kurnas.

Monopoly has about as many special editions as it does players. For the lovers of video games, there are special editions that include Street Fighter, Legend of Zelda, and Sonic the Hedgehog. For pop culture fans, there is The Godfather, Star Wars, and The Walking Dead.

But some of the oddest editions include the Pedigree Dog Lovers edition, the $200 Luxury Edition, and The Nightmare Before Christmas edition.

“Monopoly teaches you how to manage your money and strengthens your math skills,” says Tom Elmuza.

Although some teens may not particularly care about board games, there is still an increased amount of attention being paid to certain games. From Cards Against Humanity, to the many special editions of Monopoly, popularity continues to rise.

Monopoly- “My brother and his friends were playing Monopoly and him and my neighbor were arguing about cheating, (mind you I donai??i??t think my neighbor was cheating), and the next thing you know my brother punched him square in the face”- Ashley Thomson

Sorry!- “I was once on a Sorry! winning streak with my little bro who was so mad that he threw the entire board down the stairs and flushed the pieces”- Chris Johnson

Sorry!- “I was playing with my sister and my cousin. I kept getting the ‘Sorry’ card and always wound up bumping my cousin back to start. Every time, she would get up and kick my pieces across the room. Sheai??i??s 24”- Jenna Muniz

Monopoly- “A friend of mine lost in monopoly, so he got up angrily and went to walk onto his porch and walked into the sliding door”- Kyle Bowen

Monopoly- “I got mad at my brother and threw the metal pieces at him and he stormed off. I just sat there and counted my money like I owned the place and took his. I justified it because he cheated, he deserved it”- Erica Molinaro

Monopoly- “My friend Jeremy flipped the board and punched his neighbor Zach twice in the face”- Matt Carson

Monopoly- “My cousin lost and ripped up the board game. I havenai??i??t played since”- Brian Christie

Monopoly- “I was playing monopoly with my mom and two cousins, and the game was getting competitive. My mom cheated and took a property card without paying for it first. Then she got mad and flipped the board over”- Samantha Smith

  1. Cards Against Humanity- It was originally created by a group of high school students, and the co-creator of the game, (Ben Hantoot), said the game was inspired by “Magic”, and Charades.
  2. Connect 4 – Rumor has it that the original creator of Connect 4 was David Bowie, but this would later end up being exposed as an urban legend.
  3. Sorry!- While it has less special editions than Monopoly, it has just as much star power, as some of the special editions include “Spider-Man”, “Disney”, and “PokAi??mon”.
  4. Jenga- The word Jenga derives from a Swahili word translated to mean “to build”.
  5. Uno- The card game has been known to be a collectorai??i??s favorite when it comes to sports and has special variations such as the New York Giants, the Chicago Bears, and the New England Patriots.
  6. Clue- While the game is called Clue here in America, it is known in other places of the world as “Cluedo”.
  7. Trouble- It launched in 1995. The game is nearing its 20th anniversary.
  8. Monopoly- While still a board game, Monopoly is currently trying to modernize itself with a game called Monopoly Empire, which has players buying real life companies such as Beats and Under Armor instead of fictional places.