Tim Hammer

Ai?? Tim would like more technology, because his school only has 12 smart boards. During Timai??i??s visit, he has learned that it is extremely useful to have technology in the classroom. They can see better examples allowing the students have a better understanding about what they are leaning. Everything will flow and fit together more efficiently. This can improve the student and teacher connections, making school more enjoyable for students.


German school days are different everyday, so they will never get bored of having the same class the same time everyday. The school dress code does not seem necessary, and in Timai??i??s school they learn perfectly fine with no dress code. The school can be more colorful to keep students active and comfortable in school. Tim believes Stroudsburg need to learn more world news because America does not know a lot about Germany. Americans can overall learn how to be a more free spirited school and make students feel more comfortable.

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