“Mountie Wears It”: students take dress code to next level

Saheim Clervoix, Staff Writer

Have you ever felt that there was no way to finesse up your school wardrobe? Well, think again. For some students, dress code is simple and doesnai??i??t require much work. But for others, the dress code is like putting on a mascot costume.

Junior Irianna Ortega shared her thoughts on dressing up the dress code. ai???When I get ready for school, I dress to stand out from the others.ai???

We at the Mountaineer want students to celebrate expressing themselves regardless of any restrictions. Ai??We have named it Ai??ai??? Mountie Wears It” because our school as a whole are Mounties, and dress codes doesn’t stop ourAi??creativity. Our newspaper staff encourages students to be expressive in their element and feel like themselves — Ai??all within the guidelines of the dress code.

To start off ai???Mountie Wears It,ai??? we have photographed several stylish SHS students: Ai??junior Brooke Givens, sophomore Gabe Castillo, sophomore Jaden Hurdle, Ai??senior Shianne Shelton, senior Saheim Clervoix, junior Timera Toppin, senior Kayla Burges, junior Ava Lieberman, senior Elia Toombs, and senior Joy Sahai.

If you or anyone else is looking to be featured in next week’s gallery, email us at [email protected] or go to any of our staff members. Besides emailing, we also have green social media contact posters hung around the school.

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