Students give blood at annual SHS blood drive


This year’s blood drive was held in the auxiliary gym.

Sam Imber, Staff Writer

SHS students never have to look far for opportunities to make a difference within the Stroudsburg community! Last Friday, National Honor Society held their annual blood drive with the American Red Cross in the auxiliary gym. Students were able to sign up during lunches during the days leading up to the event to donate their blood to research and patients in need.

The process is made fairly easy and comfortable; donors enter their information into a computer system to ensure they are eligible to donate the necessary amount. If a donor is under a certain height and weight requirement, or if their iron is too low, they will unfortunately be turned away for the sake of their own health. However, if all health requirements check out, the donation process proceeds!

ai???The blood drive provided a unique and rare opportunity for SHS students to help save said senior Katie Kmetz, vice president of NHS. ai???Everyone who donated was eager to do so and I couldnai??i??t be prouder to be a part of such a selfless student body!ai???

Various members of NHS brought in food donations for the donors, helped set up the gymnasium, and volunteered to assist donors during the check-in process. Everyone was very excited to ensure the drive was a big success!

But what really happens after someone donates blood?

Each donation is sent off to be tested for certain diseases, including HIV, hepatitis B and C, and various antibodies that indicated other illnesses. Whether good or bad, donors are notified of the results following the testing procedure, along with their blood type. All results are confidential. The blood is processed into several components, such as red blood cells, plasma, and platelets. A single donation can help up to three patients in need of blood!