German American Partnership Program covered in a fabulous photo gallery


This fall, the German Exchange Partnership Program (GAPP) completed a successful three-week exchange program between 13 German students and 13 Stroudsburg High School students.

Several participants have created an extensive photo gallery which chronicles various activities and events held throughoutAi??September and October.

The program consisted of four coordinators: Mr. Matt Sobrinski and Ms. Janice Lee were the Stroudsburg GAPP hosts, while Mr. Sebastian Beckmann and Ms. Ingrid Pohl represented the German GAPP group.

ai???It was an honor to participate in the GAPP program,ai??? said Sobrinski. ai???The German students lived with host families, they went to school together, and they participated in numerous cultural activities as a group. By the end of the experience, they were like an extended

On behalf of all the GAPP Coordinators and participants, Sobrinski wanted to thank the Stroudsburg Area School District Administration for its full support, the parents for their dedication, and to all of the community individuals and businesses that helped make the program a success.

ai???I really believe this was a life-altering experience for many of the students,ai??? said Sobrinski.