Vegetarian Club welcomes all students!


HaJa Jalloh, Staff Writer

About 10 years ago, librarian Mr. William Lowenburg created the Vegan/Vegetarian Club. Each year the club grows, with more and more students interested in learning about eating healthy and having fun while do it.

Most students either join this club because they are vegans/vegetarians or theyai??i??re just interested in learning more about nutrition. Some join because they love the activities that go on in this club. All students are welcome to join since there arenai??i??t any requirements to become a member.

ai???There is always a group of students who are interested in being vegans and said Lowenburg, who has been one his whole life.

This club is currently working on an art project to raise awareness of being vegans and vegetarians. They also host guest speakers, watch movies, and whip up some healthy meals that students can eat!

Vegan/Vegetarian Club can teach the importance of eating healthy and making diet changes. It can also help students maintain an alternative diet even if they are meat eaters.

The club meets on Wednesdays from 2:30-3:30 p.m after school in the library. Again, all newcomers are welcome.

If students have any questions about the club, they can e-mail Mr. Lowenburg atAi??[email protected].