Here are the 89th Academy Awards Nominations — Recommend your favorite movie in under 25 words


Nylah Safforld, Staff Writer

While the Academy Awards are coming up, there is still time to view all of the nominated movies. Seven movies are competing to win the best movie of the year. A variety of actors and actresses will compete to win best supporting or leading roles.

Below are the nominees for this yearai??i??s Academy Awards. Check them out!

In honor of the Academy Awards, we would like to know your favorite movie of all time. Ai??Your goal should be to sell your top movie in 25 words or less.

You may also quoteAi??your favorite line from a movie down below. If you have seen any of the movies below, comment on your favorite. Ai??Be sure to include the movie title and your name. Be Creative!

Here are the movie of the year choices:

  1. ai???Arrivalai???
  2. ai???Fencesai???
  3. ai???Hacksaw Ridgeai???
  4. ai???Hell or High Waterai???
  5. ai???Hidden Figuresai???
  6. ai???La La Landai???
  7. ai???Lionai???
  8. ” Manchester by the Sea”Ai??
  9. ai???Moonlightai???

Directors of the year consists of:

  1. Denis Villeneuve with Ai??ai???Arrivalai???
  2. Mel Gibson with Ai??”Hacksaw Ridge”
  3. Damien Chazelle with ai???La La Landai???
  4. Barry Jenkins with ai???Moonlightai???
  5. Kenneth Lonergan with Ai??ai???Manchester by the Seaai???

Nominated Actors for a leading role:

  1. Casey Affleck in ai???Manchester by the Seaai???
  2. Andrew Garfield in Ai??ai???Hacksaw Ridgeai???
  3. Ryan Gosling in ai???La La Landai???
  4. Viggo Mortensen in ai???Captain Fantasticai???
  5. Denzel Washington in ai???Fencesai???

Nominated actors in a supporting role

  1. Mahershala Ali ai??? Moonlightai???
  2. Jeff Bridges, ai???Hell or High Waterai???
  3. Lucas Hedges, ai???Manchester by the Seaai???
  4. Dev Patel, ai???Lionai???
  5. Michael Shannon, ai???Nocturnal Animalsai???

Nominated Actresses in a leading role:

  1. Emma Stone in ai???La La Landai???
  2. Natalie Portman in ai???Jackieai???
  3. Ruth Negga in ai???Lovingai???
  4. Meryl Streep in ai???Florence Foster Jenkinsai???
  5. Isabelle Huppert inai???Elleai???

Nominated Actresses in a supporting role:

  1. Viola Davis in ai???Fencesai???
  2. Naomie Harris in “Moonlight”
  3. Nicole Kidman in ai???Lionai???
  4. Octavia Spencer inai???Hidden Figuresai???
  5. Michelle Williams in ai???Manchester by the Seaai???

The 89th Academy Awards airs on February 26th at 8:30 p.m on ABC