Peer Tutoring offers a unique educational experience


Nylah Safforld , Staff Writer

There are many clubs and activities at Stroudsburg High School; however, there is not one quite like Peer Tutoring.

Peer Tutoring has been running for approximately five years. This activity is a weekly student commitment at multiple schools in the district. Every day after school, many high school students go to the elementary schools to tutor children. The programs usually lasts about 30 to 60 minutes. Some students work one-on-one, while others work with numerous children. Peer tutors are available at Chipperfield, Morey, Arlington, the junior high school and even at the high school.

Adviser Mr. William Lowenberg commented about the activity. “The children being tutored benefit because they really like the attention from the high school It also makes the tutors “more responsibleai??? because they see how important it is to help others.

Senior Ashley Samamroosingh is a dedicated tutor who has benefited from the experience, as well. ai???The best part of being a peer tutor is definitely bonding with the kids,ai??? said Samamroosingh. ai???Being a peer tutor helped me choose my career

For more information on Peer Tutoring or how to get involved, stop by the library and visit Mr. Lowenberg!