Aevidum provides support for all students

Gabe Mazza, Staff Writer

Aevidum is revolutionizing the way high school students view their peers. They performed a skit at a recent conference. View this video.


Advisers are Ms. Diane Nelson and Ms. Mindy Tkach. Ms. Jean Costanzi and Ms. Andrea Gullion also help with the program.

What exactly does Aevidum do? Aevidum is a non-profit organization that encourages students to start talking about uncomfortable subjects. They discuss issues such as depression, suicide, and other problems many teens face. Aevidum means: ai???Iai??i??ve got your back,ai??? and thatai??i??s exactly what message the club promotes. Aevidum members are encouraged to discover their strengths and empower themselves to live lives of purpose and substance.

ai???Our main goal is to create a more positive and accepting school community where anyone can feel appreciated, acknowledged, cared for, and said Ms. Mindy Tkach, an Aevidum club adviser. Ai??ai???Our hope is that the Aevidum message of ai???I’ve got your backai??i?? will reduce the stigmas surrounding mental health, depression, and suicide. Ai??No one should feel alone; someone will always have your

The club started at SHS after a student lost his life to suicide. The first meeting had fewer than 10 members. Since then, the club has grown to over 50. ai???SHS began its chapter here in late October when Mrs. Nelson and I were approached by Mr. Burke. Ai??With the loss of a classmate to suicide last school year, we knew that our students, especially the sophomores, would be affected deeply by this loss. Ai??We agreed to take on the group, not knowing much of what it was, but feeling very strongly about the Aevidum message,” said Tkach.

The skit seen in the video was created at a workshop known as ai???The Talkai???. The Talk provides opportunities for students to share their stories from their heart, surrounded by those who will be there to uplift them,” said Tkach. The Talk brings surrounding schools together to promote Aevidumai??i??s message. SHS hosted The Talk and invited several of the orbiting districts to participate. The skit which the students in the video performed brought awareness to the 4 pillars of Aevidum: Accept, Acknowledge, Care for, and Appreciate.

Aevidumai??i??s members are spreading kindness and positivity in Stroudsburg High School. They listen to peers, smile, and teach others that they are important. The club meets on Wednesdays at 2:30 p.m. in F206. All are welcome!