Student recommends alternative to bathroom passes

Francis Murphy , sophomore

Stroudsburg High School has been experiencing some problems with vandalism in the bathrooms recently.Ai?? Hoodlums as of now can just walk into a bathroom and vandalize it as they see fit.Ai?? It truly ruins everyone elseai??i??s ai???potty experience.” Ai??But to add insult to injury, they get the bathrooms closed down for all other respectful, law-abiding students who donai??i??t infringe on others rights to a nice public bathroom.Ai?? I propose a system to catch such hooligans, and even recreate the bathroom pass system.Ai?? You see, if at every bathroom there were some sort of wall mounted scanner or machine to read the barcodes on our IDs and keep records, we would have an easy list of suspects who may have committed the misdemeanor.Ai?? And with this system in place, it wouldnai??i??t be necessary to sign bathroom passes, because this system covers times that people go without passes, for example during lunches or between classes.Ai?? All a student would need is a teacherai??i??s verbal permission, and they would go to the bathroom mindful of others, due to this new system in place, and no longer will bathrooms need to be inconveniently closed.