Headphones are not a distraction to students in the halls

Steven Moran, Junior

Iai??i??ve only been in Stroudsburg for a few months, and I think itai??i??s a great school. The students and teachers are very nice and respectful, but I do think, however that the school can be improved. My biggest, and only issue with the school is some unnecessary rules that have been put into place. For example, a student can get detention for having a pair of headphones in when they are walking through the halls. In my opinion, having headphones in causes no immediate danger to the child wearing them and the people around them. I donai??i??t think itai??i??s fair to give a person detention because they might run into someone (which people do, even without headphones in). I grew up in New York, so Iai??i??m used to running into people every time I went outside and I’ve never seen anyone get hurt as a result of bumping shoulders with someone else.