Amaya Caraballo- Up on the Mountain

Up on this mountain,
the great towers of earth
Are still purple with the shadows of night
Snow covers the very chilled tip
Towering the small thin gums of land below
High atop the autumn white mountains
Paler than loneliness, whiter than my hair.
The crisp ice flowers on the snow
As we crush them underfoot as we go,
The cold clear flowers stand straight,
Guarding the mountains whitened gate
The small streams lending there cold to the mountain air
Tremble through cavernous snow that is too fair
And soft to touch , smooth and whirled
By the everlasting winds that curled
The snow like the white sea foam
On crinkling sand deep within the snow
The living heart of mine beats
Through water running on icy feet
The word of beauty in my eyes silence speaks.
Trembling over time and space
In the vast and leisured place
And in my heart an ice flower blooms.
Melting as has the magic hours
While the winds whisper your fate
That is surrounded by the ring of snowy mountains.

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