Andrew Bunker- Ode to Comics

Andrew Bunker- Ode to Comics

Ode to Comics

There are many different comics
From Archie to Iron-Man
If you like Star Trek, Mad, or super heroes
Comics can help you
They arenai??i??t just like books
You can see the characters
You can see the action
There is no need to imagine what is happening
If you want to see Captain Americaai??i??s shield
Hit Red Skulls face you can
Or see the Ninja Turtles battle the Shredder

There is an ocean of comics
And they are just waiting to be read
But sometimes no one wants to give them a chance
Why read blocks of words
When you can read panels
See what is actually happening in the story

There could be crossovers in comics
Like in Alf an adorable alien
He has met the Marvels Mutants the X-Men
This is something you can not see in books
Harry potter will never be in a series of unfortunate events
But in comics there can be crazy team ups
Like Scooby Doo and the Teen Titans or Batman
Almost any combination in comics can happen
Thor god of thunder can become a girl
The Flash can race Superman
The weirdest topics can make a great story
All comics have a story

Ever since i could read Iai??i??ve read comics
And if you havenai??i??t picked one up iai??i??m sorry
If you can pick up a book you can pick up a comic
People may like things based off comics
But never actually read one of the comics
So comics i thank you for making me who i am
A geek

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