Stroudsburg is buckling down on school safety

October 15, 2018

Stroudsburg is buckling down on school safety

The Stroudsburg High School has taken new safety measures to protect both students and staff. All teachers have gone through intensive training, security guards are now carrying weapons, and more K9 searches are being conducted throughout the school.

“We are no longer going to hide,” says Mr. Sodl, the SHS principal. “We are going to get out.”

It is now mandatory for teachers to go through ALICE Training, an Active Shooter Training that conducts the procedures to evacuate the building in an emergency.

Just a year ago, students and teachers were required to stay silent in a locked room during a school shooting. Now, they are encouraged to get out.

Across the school district, at least one security guard must be armed within the building to protect the members of the school in the case of a school shooting or intrusion.

Another attempt to keep the school safe stems in K9 searches.

“Our goal is not to catch kids with drugs,” says Sodl. “We hope to find nothing.”

The heroin epidemic is worse than it has ever been in history and Stroudsburg has tightened the reins on the drug problem.

“My main concern is what is in those drugs. You take them one time and it could kill you.”

— Mr. Sodl

“My main concern is what’s in those drugs,” said Sodl. “Kids take the drugs one time and it could kill them.”

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