Student Spotlight: Nicole Bellesfield

What motivates you to come to school?

I am motivated to come to school, so I can see and talk to the close friends that I wouldn’t get to see out of school.

Do you think there should be a dress code? Why or why not?

I believe there should be a dress code but not as strict as it is now. We (the students) should be able to wear clothing that both makes us happy and is comfortable. Guidelines such as clothing with no bad words or graphic images, no tank tops, no ripped clothing, etc., could be set to allow us to express ourselves with the clothing we wear.

What activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of school?

Out of school, I enjoy singing, dancing, playing the piano and ukulele, drawing, doing makeup, and filming/editing Youtube videos.

What are your plans after graduation?

My plans after graduation are to attend a college that focuses on music and theatre, in hopes to later become a choir/band/general music teacher.

What is something that most people may not know about you?

Most people may not know that when I was little I had straight hair.

What is the greatest experience you have ever had?

The greatest experience I’ve ever had was all my time in marching band up to now. All of us in marching band have such an amazing bond. We are all like one huge family.

What movie can you watch over and over again without ever getting tired of it?

I can watch Mama Mia over and over again without ever getting tired of it.

What’s something people don’t worry about, but really should?

I don’t think people worry enough about their own mental health. People just keep going and going and never give themselves a break to relax and take some time for themselves.

What is your life motto?

My life motto is, “things happen for a reason.” Whenever something goes wrong in my life, I always think of what thing could occur in the future due to that bad thing. You never know, a bad thing could lead to an amazing thing.

What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

My favorite thing about myself is that I am always willing to help someone feel better if they are sad or angry. I try to help fix bad situations that are occurring in people’s lives.

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