Spotlight on Donte Martin

Do you think there should be a dress code? Why or why not?

Nah. Dress code is wack. People still get bullied either way fam.

What activities or hobbies do you enjoy outside of school?

I enjoy playing football for the burg. We mad nice unless there is a walker.

What is something that most people may not know about you?

Bro, my name is crazy. It’s Donte Delijah Messiah Martin.

What is unique about your personality?

I can connect with anyone, anywhere. I understand how people feel, and their vibe.

What is the greatest experience you have ever had?

Watching Boyz n the Hood and Get out. Those movies changed my life beloved.

What is something that you have learned in your childhood that has stuck with you?

KEEP YOUR CIRCLE SMALL and females can be really crazy sometimes.

What qualities do you value in people whom you spend time with?

They all keep it 100 with me, especially five star running back Penn State commit, and Giants’ fan Dimitrius Rojas.

What is your greatest weakness?

I gotta push myself more to be the big body I know I can be.

When you are old, what do you think children will ask you to tell stories about?

Fortnite, Call of Duty, Ligma? and bust down thotiana.

What’s the funniest word in the English language?


What is your life motto?

Nothing is ever promised tomorrow today, so you better find a way to make it in the world today.

Is water wet?

Yes. Water is very, very wet.

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