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Myself written by junior Naomi Spires-Nevarez

I see me myself and my bright world
Very reserved
Just a quiet girl wit my hair naturally curled
Big brown eyes that look so buttery in the sunlight
Pools of honey
With my skin glowing shining just right
I’ve never had that much confidence
But this is like a conference
Between the two people in head
One is full of life and the other wishes they were dead
They each play different parts
One is so delightful and the other throws darts
I see me myself in my cold lonely space
I don’t even wanna look in the mirror
Look at my ugly face
I suffer in this terror
They call a safe place
This is suppose to be my home
Yet that’s not what’s been shown
Somehow I see the good in every bad situation
Somehow I sit here and find the best
In the sensation
Everyone who’s hurt me and stabbed me in the back
I let in and fix what they lack
I don’t know why I can be so open yet so cold
I just want a stable mentality
You know, one that will hold
I don’t know if anyone will ever understand this
Probably not, my logic is like a hit or miss

At Least for most

Maybe it’s the bipolar

Or maybe it’s just me the host

I think I need to be prescribed a higher dose

Medication to cope with the pain

A broken foundation a child formed in vain

Alright that’s enough out of you

Time to get out the blues

Time to hop out the bed and be happy

Big smile with my chinky eyes

Loud Laughter based on wise guys

Let’s socialize

Big mouth loud voice

Straight A’s my choice

5’6 but my attitude 7’6

Sometimes i’m a bit too blunt

Honesty the truth kicks

Try to stay out the mix

I’m bold

I’m flawless never fold

My father always told me

Stay strong like a bear Sting like a bee

Always work hard get that diploma

Una princesa que nunca cesa nunca deja caer su corona”

Meaning a princess never cries never lets her crown fall

Naomi be strong and always stand tall

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