Mini-Thon in Stroudsburg High School

February 5, 2020

Mini-THON resumes action and prepares for 2020


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Photo via Mountaineer archive. The mini-thon sign which is known throughout many schools for the money it raises to conquer childhood cancer.

Mini-THON is back up and running for this year. What is Mini-THON? It is a special event that happens once a year where students raise tens of thousands of dollars for child cancer. For The Kids (FTK) is one of the key phrases for Mini-THON, signifying its purpose of helping save the lives of children suffering from cancer. It will take place again this year on Saturday, April 25.

The preseason has ended and Mini-THON preparation has begun. With the newly appointed Executive Leadership, committees are back up and running. Classroom codes to join have been posted on their bulletin board outside the cafeteria. Furthermore, donations and fundraising have already begun. Students and staff can visit their website for more information:

If students are interested in joining Mini-THON by actively helping them begin to fundraise, they should join the Hospitality Committee google classroom. The code is DDYNI0 (the last character is a zero).

If you’d like to join any other committees, their codes are:

Nourishment Committee- 2ehj18m

Public Relations Committee- ghds80

Security Committee- au5bwpk

Their social media tags are:

Instagram and Twitter- sburgminithon

Snapchat- sburg-minithon

Facebook- Stroudsburg Mini-thon

So what is Mini-THON’s big goal this year? Well, it is certainly much more than just a monetary goal.

“We decided as a group not to have a monetary goal for the event,” said junior Maura Dempsey, an executive on the Dancer and Alumni Relations committee. “We decided this because Mini-THON is about raising awareness and helping out families. Even $1 makes a difference.”

In addition, the Mini-THON adviser this year is Ms. Sarah Davis, an SHS physical education teacher.  This is her second year. There are also new student leaders that have been appointed. Among the many are senior Luke Beebe and junior Maura Dempsey. These two are leaders of the Dancers & Alumni Relations Committee, which is new to Mini-THON this year. It is one of many committees that help run and maintain Mini-THON year by year.

“Our new committee, Dancer and Alumni Relations, has a goal to get involved with the students to grow the hype for this year and get the alumni involved with Mini-THON,” said Beebe. “This being my last year here for Mini-THON , I want to help lead one of the best Mini-THONs not necessarily monetary-wise, but when it comes to participation and involvement. It is my last year and I want to help lead my co-execs and the dancers to help everyone have a positive experience at Mini-THON this year. I want 2020 to be the most memorable Mini-THON yet,” Beebe added.

Registration has just begun, and it is a simple two-step process.

“To register for Mini-THON, you will need to fill out a waiver form signed by a parent or guardian with $10 attached,” said Dempsey. “That $10 will cover all of your meals for the night and your t-shirt! The other half will be through Donor Drive. It’s a website where you create an account and you can send the link out to family members to raise a minimum of $50.”

This year’s Mini-THON’s Executives hope for another successful year. Are you going to join? Will you dance for the kids? For more information, please email [email protected].

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2020 Mini-THON registration is officially open!


Samuel Watanabe

Students enjoying the dance floor at Mini-THON event 2019.

Ivana Karataseva

Registration for Mini-THON has begun now!

Why register? You can be a part of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where you will dance for the kids and help raise money for Four Diamonds.

“I think it gives children all over the place who have cancer a voice through Mini-THON,” said junior Isabella Contino. “Everything we do helps raise awareness and helps the families that are suffering through this. It pays for bills, for therapy, and for treatment.”

Nationally, Mini-THON raises millions of dollars every year to help end childhood cancer and the families affected by it. However, when asked about this year’s monetary goal, junior Kaeli Miller, a Mini-THON PR member, explained this group’s philosophy.

“There is actually no monetary goal,” said Miller. “The goal on our website is just there to have a number. Our motto is that it’s not about the dollar amount but how much we help out the kids.”

It is an amazing night to be a part of, so sign up now and join Mini-THON on Saturday, April 25 alongside many of the other dancers who have already signed on. The monetary minimum of $50 is due on the night of the dance, and you can pay it off on your own or collect donations. You do not have to dance if you wish to just donate. Every dollar helps bring awareness to children’s cancer.

FNP Productions will be at this event providing DJ and special effects that are brand new to this year’s event. There will fun games such as basketball, dodgeball, kan jam, color wars, twister, soccer, cup pong, etc. On top of it all, the dance floor will be there for students to party all night long.

“We’re at 300 current participants with an expected 800 participants,” said Miller.

The event will also have a lot of security to help protect this large number of students. This includes teachers, staff members, the principal, etc.

In the attached video, you can learn how to register. It is quick and easy! It is encouraged that you signup as soon as possible to ensure you can raise enough money by their deadline. If you have any inquiries, you can get in contact with their PR Committee being Kaeli Miller and Isabella Contino. Beyond just registering, you will also have to fill out a waiver next month that is just for liability purposes and costs an additional $10.

All students who are interested in dancing for the kids can register here:

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