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Band Stars: Jessica Hall & Gabriela Jasmin

Jessica Hall and Gabriela Jasmin are seniors here at Stroudsburg High School. They were recently interviewed by the Mountaineer to let them share insight into their final year of band and show off their musical talent as learned throughout the years.

What is it like leaving being seniors and having to leave behind band?

We’ve come a long way. We’ve met our friends from this program and have become such great friends. – Jess

We made a lot of long-standing friendships in the music department. – Gabby

What and why do you guys play?

I play bass clarinet and bass guitar and bass and clarinet. I play because I love music and always have loved music and it definitely got me to appreciate it more and give more passion towards its production. – Jess

Being apart of something bigger than you, you’re a cog in a machine and it’s really cool to see and hear 100+ people being capable of putting something together so complex. – Gabby

What band instruments do you play?


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What would you recommend to anybody considering joining band?

Definitely do it. You learn so much from music to discipline. Every person who has been valedictorian or salutatorian comes from band and you learn great time management skills from it. It has definitely created the person I am. – Jess

Has turned me into the person I am today and made me very disciplined. – Gabby

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