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SHS band students showcase their talent!

Students share why band has been such a valuable experience

Stroudsburg High School students in band were recently asked to showcase their skills that they have learned on their instruments.

Band is a way for students to pursue their musical passions or just to have fun. It is a friendly environment and many students rave about it. The Mountaineer interviewed a variety of students to gain insight into this program and how it has affected them throughout the years.

“Band has been especially helpful for me becoming the best version I can be,” said senior Rory Dalton. “Even when we already sound good in class, Mr. Cassady still pushes us to become the absolute best. He also relates so many other things to life outside of band! The bonds that I’ve developed from the class go all the way back to 5th grade and I will never forget those bonds.” 

“I think band has the kind of atmosphere where you can just be yourself and talk to everyone there, even if you don’t see each other any time of day,” said senior Hope Porter. “I think it’s freeing that way, and also it teaches us to be diligent and take it upon ourselves to improve for the good of the band. It’s like a community where we all have the same goal, so we work together even if we aren’t all super close. It taught me teamwork and the value of practice, and I think that can be applied pretty much anywhere,” Porter added.

“Band has changed me over the years by giving me a new view on a different aspects that most people don’t really think about,” said senior Lauren Palaez. “In band we learn new things every day and it’s not just music, we learn about different characteristics that we can use in our everyday lives.” 

“Band has taught me to be a more responsible and dedicated student,” said senior Ruby Khlyat. I’ve learned a lot of new skills through band such as coping with difficult situations and decisions as a section leader in marching band, and what it takes to be successful. Our band directors make it a point to ensure that the skills and lessons we learn during band can be taken with us and applied to the next chapter of our lives,” Khlyat added.

“Band has brought me closer to a lot of my current friends and has taught me how to try new ways in order to improve in playing and grow as multi-tasking student. I’ve grown close to my bandmates and I’m glad we have this group of students to represent Stroudsburg,” said senior Hannah Persaud.


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