Photo via Mr. Booth

Mr. Booth pictured playing with his dog.

Teacher feature on Mr. Booth

At which school in the district do you teach?

Stroudsburg High School

What subject(s) do you teach?


What grade (s) do you teach?


What’s your favorite part about teaching?

My favorite part about teaching is the connection to students

— Mr. Booth

My favorite part about teaching is the connection to students. My goal as a teacher is to impact students and lead them in the right direction for their future. Through this, I learn students’ goals and dreams as well as what they feel could get in the way of achieving these things. Some students may need more help than others, but it’s rewarding to see students make active steps towards their dream life.

Why do you enjoy teaching?

I love the rush of running the show every day. Because of my theatrical background, each lesson becomes a mini-performance in a way, with the goal being content retention. My class is driven by energy and passion for mathematics.

Is teaching what you imagined it would be when you were in college?

When I first started college, I was a Film Production major. I have loved music and film ever since I was a kid, and couldn’t find anything I was more passionate about. After getting a job at my local middle school directing their musicals, I found an intense love for teaching. This flipped my whole plan upside down for the better. Math was something I always struggled with in high school, so my logic was, if I can find a way to overcome those academic obstacles, I could help struggling students overcome them as well.

Any pets? What are they and what are their names?

What is life?


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I currently have a pet squirrel named Rocky. He’s not allowed inside my house, but every morning he shows up and sits on my lap outside to eat the walnuts I feed to him. Every day feels like I’m Snow White with that little guy.

Photo via Mr. Booth
Mr. Booth pictured standing in front of a beautifully decorated tree along.

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    Charlie GrimseyMar 25, 2021 at 8:09 AM

    bezt teach ten outta ten. honestly mr booth is one of the most chill teachers i know. I guess maybe he just goes with the flow!