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Teacher Feature on Ms. Tkach

How many years in the Stroudsburg Area School District?

This is my 15th year of teaching, all of which have been here at SHS.

What subject do you teach?

I teach biology and anatomy & physics

What grades do you teach?

I teach 10-12 here at SHS

At what college did you attend?

Moravian (College) University…the name recently changed!

What is the best advice you’d give the students?

Work hard, but enjoy your time in high school; it goes by in a blink!  Be true to yourself & just be a good human.  

Why did you choose to be a teacher? 

As far back as I can remember, being a teacher is always what I envisioned as my career.  It wasn’t until high school that I really figured out that secondary level was where I wanted to be.  Some of my own teachers were my biggest inspirations and mentors, and I hoped that I could be that to my own students one day.

What do you find most challenging about being a teacher?

My biggest challenge about being a teacher is trying to get students to realize the value of what they do as students and as people.  How do I make them care?  So many kids really underestimate their own abilities & gifts, and they just don’t see how successful they could be if they really put in the effort.  If met with something difficult, they’d sooner give up or find the easy way instead of investing in that challenge.   We grow and learn from challenges we face, so face them head-on! 

What is the most rewarding lesson you have ever taught? Why?

Going off of that, my most rewarding lessons actually come from my time as the Aevidum adviser.  Watching my students allow themselves to really open up and break stigmas is truly incredible.  I’ve witnessed some make total transformations, and really find their true self by helping others.  Of course, what I’m teaching in my classes is important, but those Aevidum lessons are priceless to me. 

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