Carolin Schultz

German students have learned how American school system works and how itai??i??s different. Stroudsburg’s classes are much different than classes in Germany. Here in America, there is a larger variety of classes which you can pick from. For sports, you have a wider variety. In Germany, they take place after school and are not mandatory. The students here are closer with each other, and students are closer with their teachers. Yet in Germany, students and teachers are more professional level. Ai??American schools have more involvement in doing activities, such as Minithon.


American students can learn from Germans about their culture. Hearing the different stories each German tells, you can get a perspective of their lifestyle and life in Germany and how different it is. Ai??In Germany one begins to learn a new language at a much younger age. Here in America one begins to learn a new language in 8th-9th grade and we should start at a younger age as well. One can learn from their variety of letting students express themselves. In Stroudsburg one is obligated to wear a dress code to school while in Germany students have the liberty of wearing whatever they choose to, expressing their fashion interests and personality.

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