SHS posts solid score on School Performance Profile Report


This year’s School Performance Profile report is in, and SHS once againt scoredAi?? in the top ten percent.

While SHS’s score is impressive, it actually lower than last year’s score.

The scores given this year were based off the Keystone, AP, and MCTI test scores . The demographic of these scores came from the efforts of this year’s seniors.Ai??

The SPP scores come with some controversy over the effects it has upon the schoolai??i??s federally based budget,Ai??but the Pennsylvania education department clarifies on their websiteAi??that they have little to no effect on the way the schools run. The report’s main purpose is to set a basis on how the school ranks against other schools in the state.Ai??So far, SHS ranks within the top ten out of all the schools in Pennsylvania.

According to the corresponding Pennsylvania School Performance Profile’s website, another major purpose of the scores is to be a basis for educators looking for a job, or students looking for a school. Since the score is applied to all types of schools, this provides a summary of the area’s performance.

Students are worrying that these differences will affect their chances with colleges.Ai??Stroudsburg ranks 7th in the state so it increases the probability of schools recognizing it.

The criteria set by the performance profile changed quite drastically from last year to this year. Since the change, there has been no explanation from the Department of Education regarding who actually coordinates the scores.

Until the department increases the requirements in the criteria again, SHS students still rank near the top.

This year’s scores are significantly lower than last year’s report because the requirements have been raised. The students shouldnai??i??t be down on themselves for the averaged scores though.

The students of Stroudsburg arenai??i??t the only ones complaining about the harsh judgement that is received by the scores. Students, parents, and educators all over PA have been expressing concern. According to The Meadville Tribune, ai???The test has been the target of criticism from local officials in recent years due to both shifting criteria and what some have claimed is an overemphasis on a single standardized

In Pottsgrove, the scores were accompanied with raised eyebrows. Even though the schoolai??i??s scores were significantly low, 15 administrators were given a raise. The Mercury reported this earlier in December.

Does this mean that the scores have no effect on the way administrators run the district? Are the scores producing any motivation for administrators to further better the school? Input your opinion into the comment section below or submit an editor to letter to the Mountaineerai??i??s newspaper: [email protected].

Students can go to the website here:Ai?? and find diversity statistics, dropout rates, school size, etc.

The basic purpose of the SPP scores are to act as a summary of a school’s performance in order for others to use it as a basis for judgement. If the school was a Title 1 school, the scores would be model for the federal government’s school budget for that school. In the end, the scores rely on the participation of students and the effort they put into the test. Without the changes in the criteria, last yearai??i??s juniors performed admirably. Good job for putting our school in the top 10!