NAACP Future Leaders Club created at SHS

NAACP club to focus on celebrating diversity in the district


Featuring NAACP Future Leaders Club Advisor and Mission Statement

Mehrin Hossain, Staff Writer

NAACP stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

At SHS, a new club has formed, which has a similar focus: the NAACP Future Leaders Club.  The main goal of the club is to educate students on leadership skills so they can become effective civil rights leaders.

This new club’s mission has not only been created for people of color, but its larger purpose is to celebrate diversity in the Stroudsburg School District.

Here is the club’s mission statement, which was shared by adviser Ms. Nadeen Edwards.

“To help change the racial atmosphere in our school, to encourage non-racist behavior that will carry on for generations in Stroudsburg High School, to educate others in racial micro-aggression and culture, to empower and encourage all people of color to be leaders, to promote positive change within the community and to exhibit the rich culture within our student body.”

The leaders of the club are as follows: president Sonya-Kay Johnson, a senior; adviser Edwards, and Ms. Jamie Marra, an administrator in training.

Johnson explains why she felt compelled to propose the idea of the club.

“These issues have been going on long before I was even born,” said Johnson. “I always see that it was black people, in general, becoming hashtags to police brutality. Someone who has three brothers that are going to have to grow up and learn how to protect themselves from the people who are supposed to protect us is crazy to me. It’s not even just police brutality though, it is so much more.”

Johnson continued to explain why such a club is especially meaningful to her personally.

As someone who has been here since kindergarten, I see this school and the students in it as my family does not matter who you are I am always there if you need something,” said Johnson. “Then to know they secretly hate me because of something I can not control makes me feel uncomfortable walking through the halls of a place I used to feel welcome. Instead of not doing anything, I brought the NAACP Future Leaders club to the school to help educate and advocate to help others understand not only for people of color but for all different cultures.” 

Edwards shared her reasons for getting involved.

“I was asked to be the adviser because I share similar concerns about the emotional health of our school community amidst the racial unrest in society today,” said Edwards.

So far, the NAACP Future Leaders Club held its first virtual meeting on Zoom on Monday, October 19, 2020. Their first in-person meeting was held on Monday, October 26 at 2:00 p.m. in the high school cafeteria. Health screening and social distancing protocol will be observed. Their plan is to meet every Monday in the school cafeteria at 2:00 p.m.

All students are encouraged to join the club’s Google Classroom.  Here is the code: 4da4seu

Edwards is excited about the club because it should help prepare students to make a difference in the world.

“It helps them develop leadership skills,” said Edwards. “They are able to have a platform to voice their opinions and collaborate with each other to create programs to better improve their community.”

Even though the club is in its infancy, the club has discussed bringing in speakers, as well as having joint meetings with other NAACP Future Leaders student-run clubs such as the one at East Stroudsburg South High school. The hope is that through collaborative efforts students will be able to share their ideas and promote positive change for the common good. In addition, they will include research using websites and other tangible resources to help execute their goals.