Describe yourself in “5 words or less” Contest

Describe yourself in 5 words or less Contest

Victoria Arce, Staff Writer

Describe yourself in 5 words or less and you may win a prize.

Simply “Comment” at the bottom of this story.

Here are last year’s winners.

  •  The Total Package Jaco Sattamini
  • Exciting, Messy, Funny, Imaginative, Mysteriousa Andrew Alves
  • I’m ugly and I’m Proud Emilio Arostegui
  •  Bookworm, Musical, Loud, Sometimes Pleasant Mializ D Serrano-Jimenez
  •  I am a smart Indian Daniel Varghese
  •  Legendary Adam Williams
  • I am a goofy goober Zach Gehris
  •  Majestic, Enthusiastic, Determined, Intelligent, Artistic Rubin Alequin
  •  Artistic, Nerdy, Weird, Creative, Cool Sebastian Solano
  •  Fun, Exciting, Flamboyant Antonio Stylianides