Project Earth


Nicole Sanzi, Staff Writer and Photographer

In a modern society where consumers use 500 million straws everyday, Carbon Dioxide suffocates the atmosphere, and toxic waste is diffused across the globe, people are very concerned and taking action. There is a lot in store for Earth Day this year.

The Monroe Conservation District and the Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center will be hosting an Earth Day Celebration at Northampton Community College on Sunday, April 22nd at 10:00 in the morning.

ai???If we donai??i??t take care of the Earth, there is no hope for the says Alesia Gallow, Office Coordinator at the Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center.

The Earth Day Celebration encourages Tire Amnesty and invites people to E-cycle, or recycle old phones, tablets, keyboards, and other electronics. Electronic items that are thrown in normal garbages can reach landfills and intoxicate clean water sources.

Tire Amnesty is cultivated so that consumers can bring old tires found on the roadside or on a dusty shelf in the back of the garage. The tires will be recycled and used to make other useful items.

ai???Starting local is important in the community to improve our resources and educate our says Gallo.

Below are some more opportunities to help your Earth. Do you have the courage?