Powder Puff football kicks off at 3:00 today!

The fierce game of football between the senior and junior girls starts tonight!


Helana Hunter and Gabrielle Buchanan

Powder Puff football is an annual event that pits senior girls against junior girls.  These girls don’t mind getting down and dirty on the turf. The juniors will be wearing white and the seniors will be dressed in black.

The teams are coached by the SHS football players, who spend several weeks helping prepare their respective teams.

All the girls may have different talents and skill sets, but they all have one thing in mind: to win.

Students are encouraged to attend the event to support their class. If students want to support the juniors, they should wear white, and if they want to support the seniors, they should wear black.

The class that has the most supporters show up wins last week’s Dress Down money for their grade.

Come to the game today at the high school stadium.  Kickoff is at 3:00 p.m.

Entry is free!