Health Science Club sparks student interest in science and medical fields

The Club meets every Friday and features guest speakers


Taha Vahanvaty, Staff Writer

The Health Science Club is a relatively new addition to Stroudsburg High School. The club was founded in 2017 by Stroudsburg graduate Emily Irlbeck, and has now been taken charge of by co-president Archana Dasari and co-president Hala Elsayed. 

“The purpose is that we are trying to enlighten people in different fields of the science and medical fields,” said Elsayed.

Health-ScienceCclub is designed to help members broaden their scopes of interest regarding the medical and scientific field. The healthcare industry is one that is constantly and rapidly evolving, and the club wants its members to know that you don’t only have to be a “doctor” to pursue medicine. 

The club typically meets once a month on Friday in F208 for about an hour.  At each meeting, they have a different healthcare professional as a guest speaker. Some of the past guest speakers they have hosted consist of a pediatrician, athletic trainer, dentist, family, physcian’s assistant, nurse, and a surgeon.

The club also hopes to organize a tour of a local hospital this year to help members gain a truly hands-on experience. “The reason I am part of this club is that I wanted to be a leader in an area that I enjoy and want to take further interest in.” said Archana, “This club will help me learn more about my passions and helps my experience toward my future career in bio chem.”

While the club may be young, it is being driven by leadership passionate about helping its members find their passion within the health-science field. 

“ I’m really optimistic about the future of the club, it is always growing.” said Elsayed. “I know for a fact that there are always going to be students interested in this field.” 

The next Health Science Club meeting will be this Friday in F208 from 2:40-4:00. For more information on the club please join the club’s Google classroom using the following code: 2k5zmd9