Senior basketball player knocks down her 100th 3-pointer

Worsely-Wooten is helping lead the girls varsity basketball team


Olivia Heyward, Staff Writer

Stroudsburg High School is full of great athletic talent. From track athletes passing records in the one mile to basketball players hitting a record number of three-pointers in a career, there is no shortage of highlights and accomplishments.  Athletic accomplishments can be found lining the walls of the high school gymnasium and many students hope to have their names hung for recognition. 

Senior Kayla Worsley-Wooten, #12, a guard for the SHS girls basketball team is among them.  She recently accomplished an incredible feat. Worsley-Wooten shot and made her 100th 3-pointer, a milestone she earned during her four years of playing for the team.

Head coach Mr. Matthew Field is extremely proud of his team and their accomplishments, including this one.  He is excited about Worsley-Wooten’s milestone.

“She has worked hard over the years to improve other aspects of her game and is someone we count on to play well for us each night,” said Field. As of January 13, 2020 Kayla has made 104 3-point shots and is hoping to pass the school record of 116 3-point baskets in a career.

This achievement was celebrated at the team’s game against Quakertown on January 30, 2019.  Worsley-Wooten and her family and friends planned and coordinated balloons and posters for when she scored her 100th three-pointer.

After high school, Worsley-Wooten plans on attending a four-year college and playing basketball.  Right now, she is focused on finishing her senior season on a strong note.

“I feel pretty good about my senior season,” said Worsely-Wooten. “I think that if we work together as a team we can go pretty far.”  Ultimately, the team wants to make its mark at the District X girls basketball tournament. “I hope to go farther than any other Stroudsburg girls basketball team,” said Worsely-Wooten.

The girls have had a strong first half of their season with an incredible record of 14-1. Find information about upcoming games on the athletic page (link below).