Feeling alone? Aevidum’s got your back


Cami Trauschke, Staff Writer

Aevidum is an organization that creates an environment that allows students to freely talk about their struggles with mental health.

The group was originally formed after a high school student from Lancaster County died from suicide.  The name of the club officially became Aevidum in 2007.  The word means “I’ve got your back.”

Now, the club’s mission is to do everything possible to spread awareness of mental health. Aevidum aims to make sure everyone feels accepted and heard.

The way they do this is by providing students to share their struggles with other students.  The idea is that no one is ever truly alone.

Senior Jessica Brady shares a brief testimonial about the power of Aevidum.

“I am being completely honest when I say that Aevidum is the reason I am here today,” Brady said. “It’s something that has been a constant support system for me throughout these past few incredibly unpredictable years, and it has truly shown me that someone somewhere always has your back.” 

There are multiple leaders, but the Core Leaders are seniors Jamison Scelza, Gianna Celano, Daniela Molina, and Gio Silva.

Aevidum is open to all students. For more information, join the club’s Google Classroom: w2smim4