Eight SHS choir students advance in district choir competition


Luka Konklin

The paper hung in the choir room listing the district choir qualifiers.

Eli Badillo, Staff Writer

The SHS choir has jumped into the year with style as eight choir members earned the right to participate in the first round of the district choir competition.  

The district choir competition tryouts were held in late October of this year at Parkland High School. Seniors Richard Oliphant, Ethan Flanagan, Colin Hoffman, Andrew Huntsberger, and Elena Casey all qualified. So did junior Julian Gajewski, sophomores Alena Murray and Victoria Campbell, and freshman Julia Sobrinski.

In January 2022, members of the choir were given an audition piece to sing in the district choir competition. They were given months to individually practice, while also meeting with choir director Ms. Janice Lee every Friday for group practice and constructive criticism. 

 Each student goes through three main rounds of tryouts to go forward in the competition. 

The preliminary round is the first of three rounds.  In this first round, students performed the song they were given at the beginning of the year. This round was used to judge contestants on whether they may continue or not.  Only a select number of students make it through this initial round.

The second round is a surprise round where students sight-read a piece given to them, and perform the piece without any prior practice.

The third round’s music score is dependent on the student and is the final deciding factor in the judging process.

The date and time for the next round have yet to be determined.