Mini THON dances for a cure May 13th


Noah Morell, Staff Writer


THON originated at Penn State in 1993. Many high schools have joined this amazing cause by putting on their very own Mini-THON. At Penn State, students stand and dance for 46 hours, but most high schools stand for 12 hours. 

Stroudsburg’s Mini-THON is taking place this Saturday, May 13th. Students dance for 12 hours to feel an ounce of the fatigue pediatric cancer patients feel every day. This year, the event is from 10:00 am – 10:00 pm. Mini-THON has raised over half a million dollars in support of the fight against childhood cancer. 

Mrs. Davis, the Mini-THON advisor, says, “Mini-THON is such an incredible organization. We spread awareness and raise money for families battling childhood cancer. Cancer doesn’t just affect the patient, it completely envelops the entire family. The money we raise goes directly to these families.” 

Once you have been involved in Mini-THON or THON, you can never go back. It is one of the best things a person can be a part of in their life. Mini-THON advisor states, “This is my 5th year as Mini-THON advisor. Before teaching at Stroudsburg, I participated in THON at Penn State. I have seen firsthand the impact this organization has on families in need.” 

Mini THON is an amazing experience that every student should take advantage of and participate in.