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A small business making a big impression

The Cure Cafe’s expansion and success over the years
Cami Trauschke
A first look at The Cure Cafe’s beautiful new expansion.

Located on Main Street, The Cure Cafe opened in August of 2016 and is owned by Katie and Danny Ace, former Stroudsburg High School alumni.

The Aces proudly serve homemade breakfasts and lunches that cater to every diet. From vegan and gluten-free diets to common allergies, dietary concerns, and preferences are all taken into account. This quaint cafe creates a relaxing atmosphere while it strives to accommodate its customers’ unique needs, and their efforts are paying off.

For the past 7 years, the cafe has had only one dining room, leading wait times to be upwards of an hour.

The cafe originally started with only nine tables making it difficult to accommodate larger parties. The expansion happened in the summer of 2023, adding an entire new dining room on the other side which has added six additional tables and a counter facing Main Street.

The expansion has brought in larger parties, reduced the wait time, and attracted new customers who thought the original dining room was too small.

My favorite part about the expansion is being able to seat most everyone that comes in. In the past, we lost a lot of business due to our small size.”

— Katie Ace, owner

The additional dining space has sparked positive feedback from regular customers. “Customers seem to be very happy for us and supportive. Previously, our guests would always tell us that we needed more room. We would often have very long wait times on the weekend due to our tiny space. We are happy to have some more breathing room now!” said Katie Ace.

Loyal customers help small businesses flourish and customers who continuously come back give the employees something to look forward to. The Cure Cafe’s loyal customers have helped this new business not only to survive but also thrive through typical new business struggles and Covid restrictions.

Adapting to a new space can seem like a challenge.

Nicole Rodriguez, a server at The Cure Cafe, says, “I think that we have all worked very well together. It has been a big adjustment, but every person carried their weight, and we all balanced each other well.”

It is important for small businesses to expand. More space means more people coming in, which grows the popularity of the business. People are constantly posting recommendations for places on social media which increases discussion.

Support for small businesses is a necessity to stay relevant. Every small business has something unique to offer and The Cure Cafe is no exception – big businesses and chain restaurants can’t compete with their hometown hospitality.

The link below provides a list of other small businesses in Stroudsburg to check out.



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