2016 Halloween Contest winners announced, see our fabulous photo gallery below!


Mara Batt, Writer

The Halloween Contest was an outstanding success!
Thanks to all who dressed up and participated.

The winners for the Scariest costume goes to Hunter Davis as the Twisty the Clown and Emily Georgia for her elaborate makeup.

The winner for Funniest costume goes to Lasha Basadzishvili as the old woman who yells ai???Chocolateai??? from Spongebob.

The winners of the most original costumes go to John Indzonca as a Russian Soldier, and Karissa Belzer as Fall-Out Girl.

And the winners of best group costume go to Team Rocket, Bob’s Burgers and Don’t Hug Me, Iai??i??m Scared!

Honorable mentions go to Micheal Bennett, Zoie Derival, Tori Prisco and Johna Fiedler.

See photo gallery below of the winners and more!